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You may ask

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  • 02.What is MOQ if i want to print my own color box?
  • 03.Do you provide OEM service
  • 04.Can i connect 3~5 cylinder panel in series connection
  • 05.What is your MOQ? Solar street lights or solar batten light?
  • 06.Can i only purchase your solar light head only without solar panel
  • 07.Can i change the lighting program of solar street light even it is installed on pole?
  • 08.What is the max power of vertical solar panel?
  • 09.Can i purchase your cylindrical solar module only without light or pole?
  • 10.Can the the battery capacity increased?
  • 11.What is the lifetime of battery of helios or thor solar street light?
  • 12.What's different of Solar Panel between AIO and AIT
  • 13.What is lifepo4 batteries?
  • 14.What type of solar cell do you use for solar cylinder module?
  • 15.Can i order a sample to test? And how soon will you send it?
  • 16.What is the distance from light to solar panel?

Our Warranty

 LED Light Fixture  – 3 Years limited warranty

Solar Panel – 5 Years limited warrantyn

Controller – 3 Years limited warranty

Battery – 2 / 4 Years limited warranty

Solar panel power output – Limited power output warranty of 20 years (90%/80%); 

                         10 year output warranty at 90% / 20 year output warranty at 80%.

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