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solar flood light with motion sensor
  • solar flood light with motion sensor
  • motion sensor solar flood light
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2200lm Solar LED Flood Light Kit

AI-V2200lm is a great solar flood light with ultra high brightness output and radar motion sensor built inside of light fixture,  Different lighting programs can be selected by remote control for a specified application.  Customer can use select a suitable lighting program depending on the specifed applications. It adopts 6pcs of lifePO4 32700 as big battery pack with 2-3 days backup.
Model AI-V800 AI-V1500 AI-V2200
Luminous flux (lm) >800lm >1500lm >2200lm
Battery pack 6.4V 6AH 6.4V 12AH 6.4V 18AH
MONO solar panel 10V 16W 10V 26W 10V 38W
Motion sensor Yes
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