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1500lm Solar LED Flood Light

4pcs of brand new lifePO4 battery pack with long lifetime 2000 cycles are adopted for AI-V1500, Light can be set with different lighting program like continuous lighting, or only switch on with 100% power as security light when sensor is triggered . VENUS solar flood light can also can work at day time which is very helpful and pratical to be used for the areas where there is never sunshine all the year round.
Model AI-V800 AI-V1500 AI-V2200
Luminous flux (lm) >800lm >1500lm >2200lm
Battery pack 6.4V 6AH 6.4V 12AH 6.4V 18AH
MONO solar panel 10V 16W 10V 26W 10V 38W
Motion sensor Yes
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