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800lm Solar LED Flood Light

Different from 90%  models of solar flood light on market, AI-V800 solar flood light adopts 2 pieces of lifePO4 battery cell 32700 with ultra long lifetime 2000 cycles instead of  using second-hand battery from vihecles which.  It reaches a high brightness performance with 800lm output. Desingned for high quality requirements.  Different lighting programs can be selected by remote control for a specified application.
Model AI-V800 AI-V1500 AI-V2200
Luminous flux (lm) >800lm >1500lm >2200lm
Battery pack 6.4V 6AH 6.4V 12AH 6.4V 18AH
MONO solar panel 10V 16W 10V 26W 10V 38W
Motion sensor Yes
VENUS Solar LED Flood Light for Residential / Distribution

VENUS solar led flood light kits are the latest design of quality solar lighting products in 2020, VENUS is designed based on high standards with good asthetic appearance,  bigger capacity of brand new lifePO4 battery pack, It also adopts premium quality components like using SST304 screws, aluminium brackets , rubber  cables ( not PVC) etc.for high end customers who care about quality specially.

The lighting power and working period of VENUS solar flood light could be easily adjusted by the remote control.  Radar motion sensor is built inside of light which allows this solar light can be used for security purpose, More power of battery capacity could be also saved with lower power or detecting mode with sensor if sunshine is not strong enough in winter or continuous cloudy days, then the lifetime of battery pack will be extended greatly with less depth of discharge.

Model number V2-Std / V2-Pro V4-Std / V4-Pro V6-Std / V6-Pro V8-Std / V8-Pro
LED power 4.5±0.5 Watts 7.5±0.5 Watts 12.5±0.5 Watts
15±1.5 Watts
LED chips SMD 2835 54pcs SMD 2835 108pcs
SMD 2835 0.2W 192pcs
Luminous flux(lm)
>880lm 6000K >1,680lm  6000K >2,480lm  6000K
>2,200lm 6000K
Battery capacity 6.4V 38.4WH 6.4V 76.8WH 6.4V 115WH
6.4V 154WH
Fixture dimension

Solar Panel 12 Watts 10V 25 Watts 10V 35 Watts 10V
50 Watts 10V
Cell of solar panel Poly 

Connection cable 5 meters 0.75mm2

Operating temperature -30℃~+70℃ -

Remote control PIR / 2.4G optional

Motion sensor Microwave

Discharge time >15 hours

Charge time
5 hours

Weather proof rate IP65

Certificates CE, ROHS CB

Warranty 2 Years

Key Components & Advantages
Materials in Package

Unit Box : 41*20*11cm
Qty/Carton : 8 Sets
Carton Size : 48x44x44cm
N.W: 17.50Kg
G.W: 18.50Kg

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