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Pure White 7W LED Spot light

Unit price:4.20US$
Delivery time:7~12 working days
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7w led spot light, 7w mr16 spot light, 6w led spot light

Main specification:
1)  LED spot light type:GU10/MR16/E27 GU5.3
2)  Model: AS-OPS-7WA(WT)
3)  Power:7W
4)  Input voltage:AC85~240V / 12VAC
5)  Material:Aluminum
6)  Lampbody choice:White,black for option
7)  LED chip type:Ceramic 0.2W/pcs
8)  Total Lumen:>580LM
9)  Color Temp:2500K~7000k 
10) Dia:D50*H70/80mm 
11) Beam angle:25°、40°、60° for option
12)Non-dimmable and Dimmable LED spot light, both are available for your option.

GU10/ MR16 LED spot light application:
1.Hotel  LED down light 7W  to replace traditional 50W  halogen bulb.
2.Jewellery shop  using GU10 LED spot light for accent lighting.
3.Museum,showroom,clothes shop exhibition counter are widely installed LED spot light MR16,E27 .

LED spot light advantage:
★ High effects energy-saving,1000hrs only cost 1 kilowatt hour
★ Longlifespan up to 30,000hrs~50,000hrs.
★Environment friend,no UV and radition inside.
★ Green material without mercury,easy for recycle.
★DC drive without flicker,excellent for reading ,family,office
★Compared with halogen lamp,LED spot light 7W generate low heat ,high effects up to 90% energy for lighting.


7W LED spot light order list
Order Code Power Connector Voltage Color Beam angle
7W-GU10-WW-25D 7W GU10 220V 3000k 25°
7W-GU10-DW-25D 7W GU10 220V 4000k 25°
7W-GU10-CW-25D 7W GU10 220V 6000k 25°
7W-MR16-WW-25D 7W MR16 12VAC 3000k 25°
7W-MR16-DW-25D 7W MR16 12VAC 4000k 25°
7W-MR16-CW-25D 7W MR16 12VAC 6000k 25°
7W-GU10-WW-40D 7W GU10 220V 3000k 40°
7W-GU10-DW-40D 7W GU10 220V 4000k 40°
7W-GU10-CW-40D 7W GU10 220V 6000k 40°
7W-MR16-WW-40D 7W MR16 12VAC 3000k 40°
7W-MR16-DW-40D 7W MR16 12VAC 4000k 40°
7W-MR16-CW-40D 7W MR16 12VAC 6000k 40°
7W-GU10-WW-60D 7W GU10 220V 3000k 60°
7W-GU10-DW-60D 7W GU10 220V 4000k 60°
7W-GU10-CW-60D 7W GU10 220V 6000k 60°
7W-MR16-WW-60D 7W MR16 12VAC 3000k 60°
7W-MR16-DW-60D 7W MR16 12VAC 4000k 60°
7W-MR16-CW-60D 7W MR16 12VAC 6000k 60°

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