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Top 4 LED Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Date: 2014-08-21 13:39 Source: Auroras Lighting | Read:
LED lighting technology is often referred to as a miracle in the global lighting industry. On one hand, because of the wide range of benefits it offers in terms of energy and cost efficiency, while on the other hand, because of the diversity in the available styles, shapes, sizes as well as colors.
While LED lights present a range of solutions for both indoor as well as outdoor lighting requirements, its use in outdoor areas is rapidly increasing in popularity. Let’s take a look the top 4 LED outdoor lighting solutions in those terms.
LED Solutions For Security Lighting:
Security lighting is perhaps the most important element of outdoor lighting. These lights help us not only in keeping our building safe from the intruders, burglars and thieves, but also in avoiding any mishaps and accidents which might occur otherwise due to poor visibility. In this regard, LED flood lights is one of the best options we have now a days. While conventional high intensity floodlights consume a lot of energy and cost us a good bunch of money on their operation and maintenance, LED Bunker or specialise floodlights provide the same lighting output in a very efficient yet economical way. In addition, this form of lighting can be easily fitted with motions sensors to catch out and illuminate the unwary intruder.
LED Solutions For Deck Lighting:
For deck lighting, LED lighting technology presents solutions like LED bunker or wall washer lights and LED spotlights which give a whole new look to your deck area while at the same time enhancing the safety around the area. You can recess these lights or get them installed at a regular, visible location. Either ways, you will get amazing lighting output, at a very minimal cost. Once more why not consider sensors to keep those bills down?
LED Solutions For Pathway & Garden Lighting:
Having low energy consumption and low wattage bulbs means that LED garden/pathway lights can be left on all night without worrying too much about the cost. LED lighting technology fully addresses this issue and offers high intensity LED reflector lamps and LED floodlights, both of which are extremely energy efficient as compared to their traditional counterparts.
LED Solutions For Accent Lighting:
Very often, outdoor lighting is installed with a purpose to enhance the outdoor aesthetic appeal of the building. In that avenue, LED lighting technology offers attractive solutions for covering all your requirements, be it highlighting garden plants or the architectural details of the building. Special in-ground LED lights and colorful spotlights are the favorites for these uses.
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