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100W/THOR solar led street light

THOR Solar led street light is an ideal model to be installed on high poles like 10m 12m 14m etc. It is the King among solar street lights on aspect of lumens and battery backup. Wireless intelligent system and hybrid type are available.

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Model: T10-128 Efficiency max: 12800lm
Max Power : 100W Battery : 2200WH
Solar Panel: 280W 36V Charge Time: 5hours
Dicharge Time: >24hrs Fixture IP: IP67

Just as its name represents a powerful force, from the very beginning, it was designed with more functional and brightest standards. There is no street light in the market that can have such high actual power and brightness as THOR.

It adopts lumileds SMD3030 LED as light source, led qty is up to 248pcs. Up to 18000lm with actual power as 140W. The power range is from 50W to 120W as optional, max NCM lithium battery capacity is more than 2400WH or LifePO4 battery 1350WH. Each power of LED range,there are different power capacity we can use in order to get various automony ( backup days) according to customer's requirement. 

Thanks for its practical high lumen performance, this light is the ideal model and capable to be used for the application where require ultra high brightness with high poles 12m 14m for express way, or airport. Different solar panel up to 600W can be matched according to local solar radiation by which we can ensure sufficiency power can be generated even in challenging situation.THOR is the best of solar led street light for your coming project.



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