Some view about vertical solar led street light

June 19 2021By Wayne Tseng648

Some view about vertical solar led street light

Vertical solar led street light is a new solar lighting concept for street lighting. Because of its outstanding features, it is becoming more and more popular since 2019 especially in middle east countries where the regular solar panel is always affected by sand and dust in a short time. At present there are mainly three types of vertical solar PV poles on market,

The first one
is CIGS vertical solar PV represented by company "HEI" whose headquarter locates in Austria.  HEI is an esteemed company that started vertical solar pole a few years ago and their technology is based on CIGS solar cell. The cylindrical solar module produced by HEI has a very high finishing performance, while objectively speaking, there are some points that HEI may need to improve.

1 :  From the present datasheet of hei products, the power of their solar panel is kind of small which is not able to generate sufficient power to meet the power consumption of led light per night. because of this issue, solar light head only can work with low watts which is much lower than the datasheet shows in order to work for full nights to conserve energy to extend the lighting hours.

2 : HEI is using the technology of CIGS solar cell which is very soft and has great bent performance. while the main issue of CIGS is its efficiency is not so good as silicon solar cell. The initial efficiency of CIGS is more than 22% at the beginning while its efficiency will drop fast by more than 30% after 4~6 months. That means the power generated will much less after half a year and this will affect lighting performance greatly.

Generally speaking, HEI vertical solar PV is a great product with a lot of innovation, it will be good if HEI can keep improving on lighting efficiency per watts if not easy to extend the power of vertical PV. So it can create a better lighting performance for high-end solar lighting projects.

The second one is the linkable hexagon vertical solar module represented by "AURORAS INNOTECH" which is the only legal manufacturer in China. Such vertical solar module adopts the mutual technology of monocrystalline solar cell and aluminum profile. This vertical solar module was designed as "building blocks" which was intended to allow the module can be easily installed on any poles as long as the diameter of the pole is within 155mm no matter the pole is round shape or square or conical.This cylindrical solar module named "Solarwrap" contains two main modules which are connected to each other by MC4 plugs. And each vertical PV module has 2 pairs of MC4 cables one of which is for input and the other pair is for output. This allows customers to get higher power of vertical PV modules easily by linking them one by one.

Solarwrap vertical solar module is a patented product by auroras innotech in China.  Until now the quality & design of solarwrap is approved with great honor by many big clients after a long time test, Including signifyPHILIPS, LIGMAN, SCHREDER, etc.  There are a few companies that copy the design of Solarwrap in China, for example, Sun-free etc. Their production and promotion activity for vertical solar modules is an infringement without Auroras' authorization.

The third one is the conventional vertical design. To produce such pole, the manufacturer should attach the slim solar module to the steel pole when they produce it which means such a vertical pole is a complete unit.  It must be protected well enough from its production to delivery until the final installation. If the solar panel is damaged, it is very complicated to repair the system. In another word, it is very hard to maintain, so suppliers should spend a lot of attention on its package, then customers will be happy.

Finally, vertical solar led street light is a new concept of solar lighting, it is developed for high-end projects, It is very important to choose a reliable manufacturer as your partner.

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