The influence of plastic qualities on outdoor lamps.

July 03 2021By Wayne Tseng632

Polycarbonate (plastic) is widely used in the solar lighting industry which is a very important material, It is always used as the optics or as the bracket or as the cover of solar lights. Most of the time, customers only care about the price difference instead of realizing the materials of different quality.  For example, HADES solar bollard light is 60usd, while some companies sell similar solar bollard light with 40% less even more.

So what is the reason for this big difference?

There are many manufacturers are trying to save costs by using low-quality materials, for example, using second-hand lithium batteries instead of using brand-new ones, using a smaller solar panel, and lower-quality LED chips,  thinner material in order to reduce the cost and make their products more competitive on prices. The prices of different quality plastics are very various. The cost of un-UV resistant plastic is about 40% less than the cost of UV resistant plastic. anyway, these differences will make different results finally.

From the above picture, we can easily tell the un-UV resistant one is getting yellow and dirty which will affect the lighting performance a lot, and it will deliver a very low quality feeling for complete products, and finally affect your quality image & reputation in customers’ minds. While the UV-resistant bollard light looks like a brand new one even after exposure to sunlight for one year. It keeps neat and shining as the first day when it was installed

For most clients, it is not easy to tell the quality of solar lights within a short time. Especially it will take half-year at least to tell the difference between the UV-resistant and un-UV resistant materials.It always takes a few years to build up a quality reputation in the market. Auroras has been dedicated to providing reliable quality products which customers can trust. The quality of auroras solar lighting products are easily reflected in the details.

Auroras has been selling all products with "very high prices", because we use brand-new battery, high efficiency led chips and stable control system and providing premium after-sale service

Auroras believe we could be a  reliable partner for your solar lighting business.  please visit our innovation at

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