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June 01 2018By Shirley Jiang717

Some Mistakes When Installing Solar Street Light

Do you receive such feedback from clients? The solar street light doesn’t work. Or the lamp only can work 2~3 hours each night. What happen to these solar street lights? Except the reason of parts that broken down, here are some mistakes when installing solar street light which may cause such matters too.

Some front-line installation person don’t have much knowledge & technology of solar street light, then install the solar street light at their own sweet will. In this case, sometimes solar street light can not charge or can’t get full charging. 

1、The solar panel is installed under/near some obstructions.
Such as some wires, tree branch, lamp pole or others,  that cause some shadow on the solar panel at daytime. Usually, the solar cells are multi series-wound. If there is one shadow on one series of solar cell, and the shadow is deep, then the circuit of this series is broken. At last affects the solar panel to absorb sunlight and shorter the working time of solar lamp.

2、The solar street light is installed near other lamps. 
As night fell, another lamp turn on, solar street light will detect the light source and misunderstand itself is on daylight, so the controller won’t let the light lit up. The reason is the charging voltage of solar panel always is higher than than the voltage point of light-control, so the solar street light can not turn on. So should not install solar street light near a workable lamp or should turn off other lamps like the following picture.

3、The solar lights are installed on both sides of the road, but the solar panel is face to face or back to back.
For symmetry and looks good, some installation person will adjust the solar panels of two sides with an opposite directions, for example one side is in the face the east, another side is in the face of the west. If one side is correct, that means another side is wrong. And then the solar panels in wrong direction can not get more direct sunlight, thus the charging efficiency become lower.

4、The angle of solar panel is unsuitable that cause low charging efficiency.     
The principle of adjusting angle of solar panel should be: let the sunshine direct radiate on the solar panel as much as possible, in this way the charging efficiency is the maximum. 
When adjusting the the angle of solar pane, should take the local latitude into consideration. There is a quick way in most cases, what the latitude is, what the horizontal angle of solar panel is. But still should concretely analyse different situation. On the whole, the angle of solar panel is very important too.

5、Solar panel is charging indoor.
Some client will install the solar lights into the warehouse or parking lot as well as solar panel. That is inexpedient. Under such circumstances, should put the solar panel in outdoor to get full charging. That need to install the solar light and solar panel separately. 

6、Lengthen the cable of solar panel at random.
There are maybe some obstructions or interference, thus some people will install the solar panel on a position that is far away from solar light, such as 20 meters. And they use normal two-core cables to connect it. Since the quality of normal cables on the market is not very good, while the distance of installation is long, there will have big power loss, finally affects the lighting effect and working time of solar light.

7、Use the remote control incorrectly.
Some remote controls have simple functions while some have complex and diverse functions. According to some feedback, some installation person or end customer don’t know the operation of remote control, but press the button carelessly that caused parameter setting error. So the solar light don’t work. 

8、Use the right power of solar panel matching to lamp,
For moment, there is not standard for solar light on market. basically we suggest to use 100W solar panel if you are using 50W led light. if you only use 60W or 70W solar panel, that will make the power generated from solar panel not enough to support led light consumption.

In conclusion, when installing all solar lights, should read the manual or installation guide carefully and get more opinion from professional person in order to avoid some mistakes or irreparable error.

From: Shirley Jiang (Auroras solar light)
Auroras Innotech GuangDong Co., Ltd

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