Why we say there are some the fake data of solar light?

May 18 2018By Wayne Teng369

As a manufacturer of solar light, sometime we are really speechless when some customer ask many questions like below:

1. Why your 30W only has 4200lm , but other supplier they can offer 30w with 5000lm!
2: Why your solar led batten light is so expensive?
3: Why your all in one solar street light is much expensive than another supplier?

Many many customers asked such questions, especially some customers are very new to solar lights, As we know the competition of convential AC solar light is very bad, and very less profit for most of customers.  Auroras is able to provide you good quality of solar led flood light, solar led street light and solar led batten light. So now we can see there are more and more customers start to engage into solar light.As far as we know. in our opinion, solar light is a very "deep" water products. before you start to try solar light, we suggest you should learn about these basic acknowleage about solar. and should know how to tell the quality and the specification from the supplier's data sheet. Until now, we have met many catalog or quotations sheet with very " amazing "data sheet which is very hard for us to believe. 

For example, The data sheet for below solar light is 

--Solar Panel: 20W 18V
--Battery: 15AH
--led power: 20W
--Luminous Flux: 3000lm
--Automony:2~3 days

but our all in two solar led light, 30W we have 30AH 12V battery ,and 80W solar led panel. What is your idea when you see this data? from what it says, this light is very nice, and the price is also good, and you then maybe go to calculate the project quantity or expected their light performance as they say...When you receive the light, and you install there, the lumens you will say: wow, it is great, then you feel satisfied.. We must confess this is workable for some customers, especially for pravate customers who only expect it as a " decoration". Let's study above data in a professional way. About the battery. it does not mention the voltage. it maybe 3.7V 15A or 11.1V 15A. , btweeen these two data there are big difference. 3.7V 15A battery, it means the battery capacity is only 3.7*15=55.5WH, the power of this light is 20W, that means the light will only work 55.5WH/20W = 2.5 Hours with 100% power output.. so this light will work only in energy saving mode. it is 30% power only,means normally the power led light is only 5W or 6W only.So you may ask: What about lumens 3000lm? Their answer is: when the light is working with 100%, the lumens can reach 3000lm. Yes, they are right, but they will not tell you , such power only last 20 seconds, or 1 mins max!. and even you should accept the real answer is: 3000lm is only the max lumens of LED chip. CHIP, not complete light. There is big difference.  That means the real lumens output will be only 2500lm around in a positive calculation.

 Just now we talked about the battery, 3.7V, of course, they may use 6.4V 15AH, it should work well. But as a customer, you should know what you pay for. you are paying for A Audi Q5 or a cheap model. So it is very important to choose a good supplier to make solar led street light or  all in one solar led batten light for you in a good and professional way.

Thanks for your time to read this, i need to rush for dinner.?
Please let me know if you have any suggestion or advice or dispute.. welcome.

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