What is cylindrical led solar led street light

January 20 2019By Wayne Teng2647

What is the cylinder solar led street light?

At present, regular flat solar panel are adopted for all kind of solar led street lights on market, it has a good power and can meet most of projects' requirements.   But in some cases, regular solar panel is not a good option, for example.

When  led power is 80W or more, solar panel will need 200W, but size of 200W solar panel is huge size, the installation performance is very ugly.

In windy areas or countries, regular solar panel with big size is too easy to be blown off or damaged, It could be worse especially when typhoon or other very bad weathers.

In order to solve these problems, Auroras team spent months time and finally worked out cylinder solar led street light which is completed different from the exisiting solution on market. We are honored to introduce the world's first real modular cylindrical solar led street light solution! What are the advantages of this cylindrical solar street light? Actually there are many outstanding advantages  as below:

01. 360 Degree Full Day Charging.
The hexagonal design ensures maximum exposure in the morning and afternoon, greatly increasing the amount of electricity generated.

02. Modular Design. Unlimited Power
Available in C60W (60cm 60W) and C100W (100cm 100W), total power can be increased or decreased as required. Each modular is 18V, Many modules can be connected in parallel to get higher power.

03. Strong Wind Resistance
The force surface is reduced by more than 60% compared with the traditional solar panel. Each module and the pole are fixed by 12 screws, which can resist the 12-level typhoon.

04. Simple Wiring Connection
It can be mounted on any shaped poles as long as the diameter is less than 16cm, either cylindrical or polygonal.  The installation is flexible, robust and fast.

05. No Snow Accumulation
Since the solar panels are installed vertically, the snow does not accumulate on the snow when it is snowing, ensuring that the lithium battery can be charged normally during the bad weather.

06. Easy to clearn, No need lift truck.
People can clear the cylinder solar led street light with standing on ground,  Faster and easier than using lift trunk. Higher working efficiency 

07. Higher Charging Efficiency
Monocrystalline silicon cells are adopted , power generating efficiency is up to 21.8% which is much higher than using thin film flexible solar panel.

09. Flexibility of Installation
It can be easily mounted on any different poles such as conical, cylindrical, polygonal, etc.( Diameter should be within 165mm).  You can buy cylindrical solar modular separately and use them on existing poles. We can also provide solar panels, poles and solar lamps etc as a complete system.

08. High Class Out looking

With a slim solar tube on the pole, it has much better looking than using traditional solar panel. This design blends street lights with city very well and makes city more beautiful.

(Cylinder) Cylindrical solar street light is an great innovation in 2019, 6 slim solar panels are fixed on a hexagonal cylinder aluminum frame.  It has a much stronger performance in wind resistant. and it makes the complete solar pole more beautiful than regular solar panel. Auroras's cylinder solar panel is a modular panel which can meet different power as requested.

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