What is the core factor for solar led street light?

July 16 2018By Wayne Teng297

From recent years, solar led street light is becoming more and more important and its demand has been increased a lot.  There are more and more factories who start to product solar street light, There are various models of solar lights with different specification, and main problem is there is not a very clear standard of quality or specification to refer to.


So, how to compare the quality of different solar street lights and choose the right one for your project? What is the biggest concern that you need to focus when you compare?  Our answer is light efficiency.

 Comparison of All in One and All in Two Solar LED Street Light

 solar light for street

A: 50W Solar LED Street Light

LED Quantity: 60Pcs  Battery 600WH   Solar Panel: 80W

B: 100W Solar LED Street Light

LED Quantity: 240Pcs  Battery 900WH   Solar Panel: 150W


Such two solar lights are both called “500W” while the efficiency is much different, All in one solar led street light is only working in 50% power actually, and its efficiency is about 3000lm~4000lm in energy saving mode. But B type with 240pcs led, our model can work well with 100% power and lumens is 8000lm. It is more than doubled than normal all in one solar led street light.


Auroras’s quality policy is to provide high lumens solar products for commercial lighting project, our latest model THOR are able to reach 160lm/w practically, 50W of THOR is able to provide 8000lm, that means THOR 50W is equal to normal 90W-100W models of normal solar led street light, This makes our solar light offer is very competitive than offering a higher power consumption solar light. Lower power , it means request smaller size battery and smaller size solar panel,  so it reduce cost of whole project greatly. It will be much easier for end customer to accept an offer like this.  Because the budget is there all the time


So when you select the solar lights for project application, lumens efficiency per watt is the most important concern , not the power led LED. We provides solar led street light from 2000lm to 18000lm as full range of solar lighting powers as optional.


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Auroras solar light

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