Differents of 3 types of solar led street light system

December 22 2018By Wayne Tseng111

1:ALL IN ONE solar led street light.
Such solar street light is very popular on market, and you can see many powers from 5w to 90w even 100w. It is called all in one because solar panel,lithium batttery and controller as well as led chips are integrated together. The biggest advtanage of such type is its simple installtion which does not require professional technician to install.but there are a few disadvanges you have to know.we have explained it very clear and you can read this from our website from here. 

2:SPLIT TYPE solar led street light
Split type is a traditional system which has been used for many years, normally it use lead aicd battery or gel battery which are always buried in ground. The advantages is the maintainence is easy and fast. the disadvantages are: the lifetime of such battery is always short so it require a very big battery, because the discharge depth of lead acid battery is 70% around. and its lifetime is about 200-300 cycles normally. the other issue is: it requires prefessional technician to connect the cables or it will have many problem if any mistakes on wiring work. Now there are some company also use lithium battery instead of lead acid battery. but it is not a lot on  market. Because the labor cost for cabling isa headache and customers do not like it.

3: Semi-split solar led street light

Such light is an combination of all new technology.It has the advantages of ALL IN ONE type and it avoids the disadvantages of split type. Lithium battery and solar controller built inside of the light fixture as well as led chip. only solar panel are seperated which allow customer to use different powers as project require. There are only two parts of such light, only solar light head + solar panel which are connected by universal MC4 plugs. Anyone can do this connection easily without any mistake. in some regions, there are  many problem that battery are always stolen when put in groud. Because such the lithium battery are inside of light head,so it is very safe and nobody can steal it.  This is a very big concern in some regions when customers consider about their project.

As we know your company is working on serious goverment project. so we believe all in one solar street light is not a good option for your project. split type is a reasonable option if you have good technicians. while there are so many different modles and competitors and quality of such type are very various.In my opinion this type will be out of date gradually.and all the light will be semi split. because it is very easy to install and have good performance in lighting.

Our company has been focusing on high quality solar products which are for commercial. We have supplying thousands full set of solar street lighting for UN in past years. For commercial solar lighting, it must has a big battery which can make light work 100% for 12 hours at least. Only with this specification, the light can work well even in winter or cloudy days. There are many low price products even some companies declare "high data" in their data sheet. so i really hope you will be able to tell which is real and which is not.

Now We have developed full range of Semi Split type which covers different powers from 20W to 150W.  Our latest model is THOR, it is specially for high way. and it has a very big battey capacity which can allow light to work 24 hours with 100%.  We can make the design for your project if you like.

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